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Nick Farmakis

I am a graduate of English Language and literature in Athens. I have been teaching english for 7 years
Athens 10 View

Sotiria Kottara

English and German tutor Exams preparation
Rhodes 15 View

Stefania Konstantinou

English Teacher with Master delivers English Lessons of all levels
Thessaloniki 5 View

Eirini Palaiologou

Engaged teaching -  Interactive communication -  Respectful boundaries -  Inventive mind - 
Athens & Dresden 20 View

Dora Stamatiou

Δίπλα στους λαούς βρισκόμαστε μόνο όταν κατανοήσουμε τη γλώσσα τους Σαν δάσκαλος της Ιταλικής και Ισπανικής γλώσσας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών σας δίνουμε την ευκαιρία να γνωρίσετε!

Maria Mama

I can teach easily all levels and go with the pace the student wants and try to find the best method suitable for each student
Alimos 5 View

Konstantinos Mexis

Current bass player of Aetherian band and studio bass player and vocalist of Black Path band. 
Glyfada 20 View

Eygenia N

An experienced teacher with a PhD from the University of Bonn teaches German lessons to children and adults.
Thessaloniki 15 View

Konstantina Kerkemezou

I am a young teacher who believes in the learning capability of every person and I am specialized to distinguish and use each one of the unique characteristics of every one of my students in their
Thessaloniki 7 View

Eli Kalaleeva

Hi !! My name is Eli, I'm Russian, and for four years now I live in beautiful Greece,in the land of myths and hospitable people!
Greece 15 View