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John Kyritsis

I have been involved in tutoring for many years and I really love what I do.
Athens 30 View

Zois Stathopoulou

Special courses in Italian are taught by a graduate of Italian Language and Literature (Università di Lettere) in Perugia-Italia. Experience in tutorials and especially at all levels!
Greece 10 View

Dimitra Gian

Speaking skills is what is needed in the first place when it comes to learning a foreign language. Adding to this, grammar, essay writing and pronunciation practise are absolutely essential.
θεσσαλονικη 10 View

ioannis lekkas

When I started teaching, many years ago,I just wanted a part-time income. After all these years, teaching has helped me develop interpersonal skills and has made me a better person.
Saronikos 15 View

Ιωάννα Καβελλάρη

Καθηγήτρια Ξένων Γλωσσών εξειδικευμένη στην Ολλανδική γλώσσα παραδίδει ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα Ολλανδικών στην Αθήνα και Πανελλαδικά μέσω Skype με στόχο την γρήγορη και σωστή εκμάθηση της Ολλανδικής γλώ
Αθήνα 20 View

Angelos Gontikas

I have a strong academic background in Math, whish I use to teach languages. I know it sounds weird but , language is just math.
Athens 25 View

Maria Rizopoulou

I teach mathematics
Peristeri 10 View

Konstantinos Pappas

11 years of experience teaching company executives and university students on Business English as well as improving their overall level. Successfully cover more than 40 professions in the market.
Galatsi 11 View

Vasiliki Moustaki

Ich heiße Vaso und komme aus Griechenland. In Aristotle Universität Thessaloniki habe ich Germanistik studiert. Ich unterrichte Griechisch an Kinder und Erwachsene.
Patra greece 20 View

Angeliki Lampropoulou

Hello there!   
Athens 10 View